About Tower 3 Productions

Established in 2010, Tower 3 Productions is a full-service video production company with deep roots in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We specialize in captivating video content and aerial videography. We know the effectiveness of merging culture and storytelling with the latest technology and dazzling camera work.

We pride ourselves on being an honest, local, and affordable option for the Jackson Hole area, while also being able to take on larger projects worldwide. No project is too big or too small for our team of videographers, camera operators, editors and producers.

Alden Wood


Alden grew up in Wyoming and Colorado with a photographer father and a designer mother. A strong understanding and appreciation for compelling imagery runs in her blood. She studied film and video production at Occidental College in Los Angeles. She has worked on production teams in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Napa Valley, and Jackson Hole for companies including MTV, VH1, FOX, The WB, and Teton Gravity Research. Alden moved to Jackson Wyoming in 2004 and started Tower 3 Productions in 2010. She became an FAA-certified drone pilot in 2021 and loves flying drones. She also loves creating compelling content through conducting interviews, and character and story building through editing.

Kyra Halls


Originally hailing from Oregon, Kyra grew up with a love of culture, film, and collaborating with creative individuals. After moving to Wyoming, she decided to combine her passion of storytelling with a growing love of technology. Her career started at Tower 3 Productions in 2015 where she continues to work as an editor, camera operator, and assistant. Her specialty includes gimbal work with the Ronin-S, and dynamic editing. Other passions include advocacy, self-growth, stationary, and exploring Jackson’s culinary culture with her partner.

Josh Griffith, Jackson Hole Wedding Videographer and Producer at Tower 3 Productions

Josh Griffith


Josh’s first big film moment came as a young child watching The Empire Strikes Back for the first time. Since then, Josh has had an active and engaged imagination that seeks to tell compelling stories in a unique and chimerical way. The need to continue to explore snow-capped mountains on his snowboard initially brought Josh from Colorado to Jackson in 2009, and in 2014, Josh began his video production career as an intern for Jackson-based KGB Productions, where his love for exploring the outdoors converged with his love for cinematic storytelling. Since that time, Josh has branched out in the freelance world and has worked diligently to hone his skills as a cinematographer and editor, but has a firm belief that stories are ultimately about people and the human capacity for empathy and compassion. When not behind a camera or in the editing black hole, Josh’s other passions include listening to a record while reading a good book, expanding his Hawaiian shirt collection, annoying his wife and 2 kids, and watching movies.

Ryan Halverson, Jackson Hole Camera Operator and Aerial Drone Videographer at Tower 3 Productions

Ryan Halverson


Growing up in Wisconsin, Ryan’s passion for filmmaking started at a young age when he borrowed his dad’s camcorder and started creating his own skate movies. That progressed to the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming, where he became a professional in the action sports world. Originally telling his stories through the mountains, he eventually broadened into commercial work, television, events, real estate, and tourism. Clients and companies he’s collaborated with include Red Bull, CBS, Mercedes-Benz, Teton Gravity Research, Outside TV, Storm Show Studios, and of course, Tower 3 Productions to name a few. When not filming, editing or producing you can find Ryan exploring deep in the mountains on his skis, bike, kayak, or feet.

Morgan Shields


Morgan Shields is a Photographer, Cinematographer and Editor who learned film and television production from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. After graduating, Morgan moved to Jackson, WY where he specializes in snow and action sports photography/videography and has worked with numerous professionals and companies in the outdoor film industry. Whether it’s filming your special wedding day or spectacular ski lines in the backcountry, Morgan brings a sharp and unique perspective to every project he takes on.

Will Millerchip


Will is a Cinematographer and Editor whose passion for creating videos started at a young age producing skateboard videos with friends. Since then, he has had experience working with creative teams and freelancing – shooting promotional content, action sports, documentary and creative films. Will attended St. Lawrence University where he earned a B.S. in Psychology and worked for the university’s communications department producing content for their social media platforms. Will’s creative eye allows him to capture stories in unique and cinematic ways. When he is not behind the camera, Will enjoys being in the outdoors; backpacking, skiing, surfing and teaching. In the winter months, Will can be found ski instructing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Abi Chenault

Abi Chenault


Abi, originally from New Hampshire, made her way to Jackson after graduating from Trinity College in 2007. At the time, the move out west was only supposed to be for a summer but the beauty of the big skies and mountains won her heart and she never returned (East). A self-taught photographer, she was inspired by the beauty of the Western scenery. As a cinematographer and editor at Tower 3 Productions, she feels very fortunate to be part of a team whose goal is to capture the spirit and uniqueness of every event through video. In her spare time she keeps busy adventuring with her two boys, Bruin and Griffin and husband, Adam.